Violence District
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The Violence District (Also known as "Violence Street/Road", the kanji has several different meanings) is a coastal urban area within the dreamscape. It appears to always be nighttime in this area. The city contains alleyways, docks, high-rises, streets, warehouses, and overpasses.

A number of events and objects can appear in this area, many of which can lead to having a downer dream if linked with or approached. Some examples include dead women that appear hanging from lamp-posts, somebody repeatedly kicking a corpse, and a cloaked person with a gun who can shoot you.

Speculation[edit | edit source]

Violence District may be inspired by a story from the Dream Journal called "A Violent Town, a Headless Man", accompanied by this image. Despite how colorful the artwork looks, the story is about the man seen in the image being damaged by half of his head being chopped off in a distinctly non-colorful world. In the story, his wife and himself are looking for the criminal who did it. Nishikawa is surprised how the man is still alive, as well as being able to walk and talk, even after a large portion of his head (including part of his) is completely cut-off in a violent attack.

Other references to Violence District might include passages from the Text Dreams "I'm being spied on" and "The shop-keeper has got my back".

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • The player can occasionally spawn on top of a building. When this happens, taking a step in any direction will either cause the player to fall to their death, or appear safely in an alley below.
  • Sometimes everything in the area will stretch upwards after looking up at the Starship. This can happen even without looking up. On rare occasions, this can happen more than once.
  • The Violence District is one of the main locations connected to the Natural World via a tunnel.
  • The Violence District's sky never changes from dark blue. In the demo, the sky was red, but the developers changed it to reflect a night sky.

Gallery[edit | edit source]

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