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    LSD Revamped

    March 3, 2016 by RotalumE maerD DSL

    So far LSD Revamped had changed my expectations, at first I thought it was going to be bad, and I thought there was not a reason for it but I was wrong. I am looking forward for the next release which I predict should be released in the summer.

    I will be making alot of videos of gameplay with lsdr and compare it to the original game.

    And I said in the past that I was going to be makinging a network for lsd but I changed it from just a place to store resources, and for my own personal use aswell.

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  • RotalumE maerD DSL

    There is four days until LSD Revamped is going to be released so, I thought I should write about my opinion on the game. 

    I can say for a fact, that I am looking forward for it to be released; In fact, I monitor the blog that he is posting the game on. But what I think is that, I am happy to hear that someone is taking pride in making a remake of LSD but, the way that the game is being made I am honistly not looking forward. The fact is that there will be modding, and gameplay changes.

    I am not saying this is bad, but if you are going to make a "Remake" of a game, then, you would think that it would follow that hard facts of the game, and let you play it like you are playing the original, but so far what I am expecting is a highly fan-made "…

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