This is my firts blog post and also my first day notes. Here we have a basic explanation of the design of my notes, and if you want to know more read the points under this day. Let me know if you want to see my other day's notes. I've also put a very short definition next to each line, to know what do they mean in general.

Day 247 - - - -> This is the number of the day that I've taken notes of.

Spawn: Kyoto. - - - - > This means in which location I spawned.

Rating: 3 UP, 2 DYNC - - - -> This is the rating I got in the graph.

Gray Man: No. - - - -> This is about this special entity, the Gray Man. I.E. Number of meets, if I've touched him, ecc.

Links: 10 WH; 1 BLA. - - - -> This indicates the total number of links, and also how many links of the same color I got.

  • For the reading the rating line; UP=Upper DOWN=Downer STAT=Static DYNC=Dynamic. I use a system of coordinates to tell which point of the graph I got. I start from the nose ( which is, for me, the 0 point) to count how many squares the rating is far from the nose, in way similiar to the cartesian coordinates system. [I.E. 3 UP means that I've got a square which is 3 squares above the nose.]. If there is only one number, that means that my rating is a pure one; in that case you just count how far the rating is from the nose in one direction [I.E. 1 UP means that I've got a rating which is located one square above the nose]. If there are two numbers, that means that I've got a mixed one; in this case you count how far the rating is from the nose in two directions [I.E. 2 DOWN, 4 DYNC means that I've got a rating which is 2 squares under the nose AND 4 squares to the right of the nose at the same time]. Naturally, each point has its own coordinates.
  • For the reading of the "links" line; WH=White BLA=Black RED=Red BLU=Blue YEL=Yellow GRN=Green CYN=Cyan MAG=Magenta GT= Gray Tunnel.
  • During my playthrough, I've added some particular things to the design of my notes; every time that happens, I'll explain those "things" in more "complete" way ( like I've done here with the rating).

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