Our admin has been dead(inactive) for quite a while now (2 years? june 2011 if I remember correctly), and we lack the ability to make certain edits, delete pages(to my knowledge) etc. A new admin would be useful, and I myself have tried to go through the wikia adoption process(basically become the new admin, and as far as I know, no one besides myself has attempted this) But, and I quote "there actually seems to be quite a few contributors on the wiki recently. Please start a community discussion about adopting the wiki to provide new leadership (a blog is fine)" So here I am, doing as I have been told.

Now I'm not really sure what the point is here of making this (I would guess to make sure the majority of active users don't hate me) But here I am.

If it is successful (and you all don't murderously hate me) I don't actually plan keeping admin to myself for two reasons

  1. Longevity. ie the wikia would go on longer. So if I die (ie abandon the wikia(which I don't plan to)) the wikia will not be adminless again.
  2. There are a few of you that actually make a lot of edits, and good ones too. I feel you are deserving of it.

So yeah, that's it I suppose. I'm probably not the most deserving of the position, but like I said, no one seems to have cared enough to even look for a way to become admin, or tried if they have.

I do like the game/wikia, and I plan to help clean up/fix and flesh out the wikia wherever/whenever possible(and I already do).