A graph of the dream world, though locations are not labeled.

LSD Chart

An in game chart after four days.


The Chart (or Graph) is an essential part of the game that shows information after every dream. It has 309 spaces but it is 361 (if it is a square) or between 682 (22 Height x 31 Width) and 792 (24 Height x 33 Width), knowing it's possible to get outside of the chart. The four areas on the chart are Static, Dynamic, Upper, and Downer. It's currently unknown as to how these work because the ratings are often counter-intuitive.

Appearance Edit

The Chart is a pixelated circle mostly colored various shades of yellow, with a purple top. In the center is Linen, the mascot of LSD.

How it worksEdit

After every dream, a red flashing square will appear on the chart that gives you information about your previous dream. Where you land on the chart determines where you spawn in the next dream (see this article's gallery for a full key).

It's possible to achieve a chart rating that is outside the chart itself.

The image file that contains the graph is "HGRAPH.TIM".

The Game's Unpredictable NatureEdit

Due to the unstable nature of each object in the game, it is difficult to determine how linking works, and thus it is difficult to calculate what sort of path defines what sort of dream you're having. Touching many trees does indeed have a high chance of creating a static dream, but those trees don't necessarily create a subconscious downer dream, even though they're natural entities that often stand as metaphors for something or other. The game may indeed actually pay attention to that repetitive motion as a conscious effort to score a subconscious dream. There are so few solid mechanics in the game, making it hard to track. Many websites even state that the English public have yet to be able to figure out exactly how the game works.

The player can become confused with the cause-and-effect of their actions in the game, as they can pass through Happy Town and not have an upper dream and spend time in the Violence District and not have a downer.

Special EventsEdit

It is known that if the eyes, nose and the square under the nose are covered, the four points will begin to flash green, and then a long playlist of clips will play. Some of the clips are those which will appear in place of a dream. However, clips that are achieved during the normal gameplay will not appear (for example the Ferris wheel clip).


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