PSOGL2 043

A television with disturbing imagery can be found on the third floor of the Bright Moon Cottage. The screen has images of a contorted face, eyes and bloody hand prints.

On the top left of the screen is the word Korosu (コロス), which means "I am/You are/They are killing". On the middle-right is the Kanji for the word Korosu, which, here, means "I am going to kill you". Under that is also the kanji shi (死) meaning "death".

A buzzing sound can be heard when the player approaches, which will get progressively louder. This sound has been known to trigger even when the player is on a different floor.

The Teddy Bear will also spawn here, either sitting and watching the screen or standing and facing the player, remaining completely motionless until the player looks down at it.

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