Teddy Bear
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A living, dancing teddy bear. Involved in several occurances in Bright Moon Cottage, but can also be seen in Happy Town.

Events Edit

Bright Moon Cottage Edit

  • A single Teddy Bear will often spawn in front of the television on the second floor of Bright Moon Cottage, sitting down and completely stationary. If desired, the player can easily link with him. However, if you look down at him, he'll slowly stand up and start walking towards you. If avoided, he'll make a right turn and continue down the hall until he passes through a wall and disappears.  At times he's also been seen walking up the stairs, inadvertently running into players (as the bear is always active).
  • Although less common, a Teddy Bear will sometimes spawn in the empty room next to the TV. It behaves exactly like the other Teddy Bear in Bright Moon Cottage, except this one can link you to Sun Faces Heave. Both bears can spawn at the same time. It also occasionally faces towards the TV.

Happy TownEdit

  • A larger version of the Teddy Bear can be found bouncing in place behind a Bunny in the garden next to the castle. When approached, the bear may bounce away at an extremely rapid pace, or simply continue bouncing as normal.

Gallery Edit