LSD: Dream Emulator had a small number of Japan-only TV spots to advertise its release in 1998.

TV Spot Nº1Edit

LSD Commercial

LSD Commercial


  • これ、大丈夫ですか?
  • 'こんなの、ゲームじゃない
  • プレステーション対応CD-ROM. 10月22日発売. 初回限定MusicCD付き
  • 同時発売 / サウンドロラックCD: LCD AND REMIXES from ミュージックマイン / LSD 夢絵日記 Lovely Sweet Dream from メディアファクトリー:


  • Is this OK? (Lit. This, is it OK?)
  • This is not a game. (Lit. This, not a game)
  • PlayStation supported CD-ROM. On sale October 22nd. First Limited Edition Music CD included. (Lit. First Limited Music CD attached)
  • Simultaneous Releases: Soundtrack CD "LCD AND REMIXES" from Music Mine. LSD Dream Picture Diary from Media Factory.
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