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Sun Faces Heave
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The Sun Faces Heave (Although correctly would be The Heave of Sun Faces or The Sun Face Bridge) is an area with nothing but a translucent bridge attached to two large sun-like faces. There is a thin layer of fog on the bridge as well as some guard rails, with nothing else in the area besides a black void.

The bridge leads directly into the two faces mouths, which are actually tunnels. The only way to link to another area in Sun Faces Heave is to walk into the tunnel or touch the railing on the bridge.


There are two "sun faces" on either side of a bridge covered in fog. The faces are similar in appearance to the sun found in the ferris wheel cutscene. Due to how PlayStation 1 consoles handle rendering at a distance, the faces aren't visible until the player gets close enough.

Both faces have open mouths, parallel to the bridge. These mouths are actually tunnels, which the player can walk into. They have a pink area where their mouth is, although most of it can't be seen in game due to the placement of the tunnels.

By some players, the faces are considered to be disturbing, especially in downer or kanji textures, as it may give a slight jump-scare when a face suddenly pops in after the player was expecting to just see more of the bridge. This may also discourage the player to follow into the actual mouth itself, scared to discover what may be on the other side of the tunnel. LSD: Dream Emulator contains several moments like these.

The scary look of the sun faces is comparable to the Giant Head or the Giant Baby Head, as these objects also suddenly appear in the same fashion as the sun faces.

Ways of accessing Sun Faces Heave[]

Linking with the cart of a Ferris Wheel in Happy Town, linking with the stairs that the Trumpeters stand on, linking with the Black Wolf, and landing on -4, 8 in The Chart are some of the known ways of accessing this location.


  • Machine translators will misread the kanji as "The sun faces the heave".
  • It's important to note that this is specifically not Sun that Faces the Heave, but it's the Heave that has Sun Faces in it.
  • Sun Faces Heave and Long Hallway are the only areas that don't have any objects.
  • Sun Faces Heave, Long Hallway, Pit & Temple, The Natural World, Flesh Tunnels, Black Space, and Bright Moon Cottage are all areas that don't have a chance of the Gray Man appearing. These make for good hiding locations if the player is being chased, as it's impossible for the Gray Man to follow them in.