Sumo Wrestlers
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The sumo wrestlers are found just outside the entrance of the Flesh Tunnels in a large recess with oddly textured walls (potentially meant to look like spectators from a distance) and banners hanging just overhead. The scene is a life-sized depiction of a kamizumo (paper wrestling) match, a children's game in which two paper doll sumo wrestlers are placed on a flat surface and made to move through vibrations created by tapping the side of the dohyō, or arena.

Events Edit

  • Along with texture swaps, the sumo wrestlers can also change size.
  • Walking into the ring while both sumos are present will cause you to appear in the flesh tunnels.
  • Walking into a certain part of the flesh tunnels will cause you to appear in the ring.
  • Sometimes only a single sumo wrestler will be in the arena, either moving or standing perfectly still. Looking directly at the lone sumo can force you to link.
  • If the lone sumo is standing still, he may chase the player throughout the tunnels.
  • The lone sumo may attack the player.
  • Occasionally, both sumo wrestlers are replaced entirely by a catfish-like creature(s) that also appear to be made of paper.

Speculation Edit

In Japan, sometimes children who accidentally catch their parents having sex are told that they were only "playing sumo". The sumo wrestlers' proximity to the Flesh Tunnels, an obvious allusion the the womb, seems to imply the protagonist is subconsciously experiencing repressed or unwanted memories that are sexual in nature.

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