Osamu Sato
Eiffel sato
April 14, 1960
Kyoto, Japan
President of OSD
Multimedia Artist

Osamu Sato is a multimedia artist and the founder of OSD (OutSide Directors Company), which collaborated with Asmik Ace Entertainment to create LSD: Dream Emulator. Sato is most well-known for his work on LSD, but also headed a number of games including Eastern Mind: The Lost Souls of Tong-Nou and Chu-Teng.

Over the past few years his work has amassed a small cult following amongst Western internet users. In recent years Sato has resumed work as a composer and graphic artist/photographer.

Work on LSDEdit

He composed and created the 'patterns' and soundtracks for the game, some of his drawings appear as textures and so does his face in the floor of the Bright Moon Cottage.

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