A graph of the dream world, though locations are not labeled, this is the graph given of the dream world.


A Map of the possible Locations

The game contains many locations (or fields), such as the Violence District or the Zen Garden.

There is an ingame Map where you can see the locations.

Common LocationsEdit

  • Bright Moon Cottage: A central house where you usually start. It typically has yellow walls when you start (although you can return to it later in a dream and its textures will be altered). In one particular area, sometimes the upper body of a person can be seen. A fireplace or a bookshelf is another common sight. When the player goes up the stairs it will often lead to a balcony.
  • Violence District: A city near a coastline. Women often appear here and teleport. Sailors and young Girls are seen too. Sometimes, one can see a man shooting a figure cowering in the corner. Lamp posts, garbage cans and buildings are common. Sometimes dead bodies litter the floor. In one area, 'Jar' can be seen written graffiti-style on the wall. Most of the buildings are also boarded up.
  • Kyoto: Many buildings can be seen here, sometimes covered in Japanese writing. In one particular area, there is a Zen Rock Garden, with black and white patterns on the floor and large rocks. In another area there is a dojo (often with a dog that kills you) and a bridge over water. The water often contains heads of Asian women.
  • Happy Town: A strange location that has floating colorful blocks and colorful floors. Cartoon faces can be seen on the ground and walls, and abstract shapes are placed like monuments. A train track can also be seen, complete with a train that comes through the tunnel. There is also one area with a colorful castle that have dancing, green, trumpet-playing men. Floating arrows, question marks or the word 'LOVE' can be seen. Near the question mark, you can see a large, tie-dye penguin. Smaller versions of this penguin are common everywhere else in the location too. Rocket ships are sometimes seen. It also has a giant robot.
  • The Natural World: A lush, grassy field with lots of trees, water and bridges. Faces are sometimes seen in the water. Cracks and cliffs are extremely common, and if you fall off, the dream ends immediately. In one area, there is a large, rectangular hole that a pink elephant often will float out of upon approach. Sometimes a ferris wheel is seen, and if touched, will trigger a video. Sometimes, (but rarely) a rocket shuttle will fly out of a crack in the ground. Occasionally a large, flying fish can be seen, along with a floating castle with a waterfall.
  • Temple Dojo: The player usually starts under an arch, with blackness behind them and the castle courtyard ahead. Brown walls keep the player in. Large statues of knights are present in the courtyard.
  • Monument Park: A grassy area with many landmarks and monuments. It is fenced in by walls. Common landmarks are Big Ben, the Eiffel Tower, the Empire State Building, the Golden Gate Bridge, and a windmill.
  • Sun Faces Heave: A translucent bridge. The player is essentially trapped, with a large sun with a face either side of them. To link, they could either touch a sun or jump off the edge.
  • Clockwork Machines: A small room with a large, spinning device with orbiting shapes found only in this room.
  • Moonlight Tower: A tower with seemingly endless stairs, but has a ending, and has a giant moon.
  • Black Space: A area with floating cubes, one on the ground with a tunnel, and a running girl apparently playing stick and hoop.
  • Long Hallway: A corridor that looks like the main house which seems to have no end, but does. At the end of the hallway there is a little square area that you can enter and the walls will fall away and you will either be pushed back or fly out into the sky and be linked to another area.
  • Pit & Temple: A small walled off area that is mostly grassland with rock pathways. Large gaping square hole in the middle of this area where a Flying Elephant will sometimes appear floating out or above the pit.
  • Flesh Tunnels: Are maze-like tunnels resembling a womb. There are small rooms you can find which contain either Sumo Wrestlers or Fetuses, although players usually start in this location by going through the room with the sumo wrestlers first.