Various phrases are attributed to the acronym LSD. These phrases are:

  • "Link Speed Dream" (official meaning from the now-defunct website)
  • "Lovely Sweet Dream" (dream journal)
  • "Lucy in the Sky with Dynamites" (nonstop mix CD)
  • "in Limbo, the Silent Dream." (Opening A)
  • "in Life, the Sensuous Dream." (Opening B)
  • "in Logic, the Symbolic Dream." (Opening C)
  • "in Leisure, the Sonorous Dream." (Opening D)
  • "in Laughter, the Spiritual Dream." (Opening E)
  • "in Lunacy, the Savage Dream." (Opening F)
  • "in Linking, the Sapient Dream." (Opening G)

Lots of people misinterpret the acronym to refer to the psychedelic drug known as Lysergic Acid Diethylamide, otherwise known as acid or LSD. This is because the acronym is most famously related to the drug and also because the gameplay of LSD is seen by many as "trippy" and "like you're on LSD". However, this was confirmed to be a mere coincidence, and is now no longer recognized as the meaning.

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