The original instruction booklet that came with a copy of the game.

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It's time for a change.

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He had four.

It's a great place to be. Read this statement carefully before using this


The company

A place to wake up


Please contact us for more details. For inquiries about contents, countermeasures, etc . You ...

I can't do it for you


10, 00-17, 00)




Time passes in LSD. When your time is up and you've awoken from the dream, one day (one play) will have passed. The way time passes will change depending on which field [location] you're in. For instance, in the peaceful atmosphere of The Natural World time passes slowly. In a scary place like Violence Road, time passes quickly. In other words, a play session spent in a peaceful place will last a long time, whereas a session spent in a violent place will be over quickly. When one day ends, a graph will display denoting that day's state of mind. The places you walked and the things you saw determine the point on the graph. This point in turn determines the starting area of the next day's dream, as well as how it links up to other areas. Please  think about just what kind of relevance these connections have.


When you have been to various places, and seen many things, the "FLASHBACK" option will appear on the menu screen. If you select this option, notable scenes you remember up to this point will be replayed. However, sometimes a mysterious gentleman will appear in the field. If you encounter him, your memory will be erased, so please exercise caution.


In addition to walking, there is one other way of getting from field to field. That is through LINKS. If you touch something like a wall, tree, or barricaded object, you will be transported to another field. If a sensation comes flying out of an object when you hit it, it can take you to another place. Not all objects are LINKED, though . . . LINKS are dictated by your moods [in-game], with scenery changing accordingly, so please enjoy yourself.


When you are taken to a field, you may notice something's changed. One time a wall may be covered in eyes, another time, a proliferation of writing . . . Whatever the state, the scenery has changed since your last visit. The world of LSD is always in flux. Even the same places can give you a completely different impression.


As you traverse the world of LSD, you will encounter various people and animals, and even some entirely unknown things. A wild horse running through a field. A man with an enormous head filling the room . . . However, they aren't always in the same place. They wander the dream world, too.

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