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What constitutes as a glitch?

Glitches are unintended effects which may occur as a result of the game's programming. Emulation software can introduce glitches which aren't the fault of the game, most notably in LSD's case the flickering water.

Known glitchesEdit

  • Occasionally, the game will enter a glitched state where textures become corrupted, objects may partially disappear or have their entire hitbox covered with a glitch texture, and days are consistently shorter. This glitched state is thought to occur after playing the game for long periods of time without saving, but this won't guarantee it will happen. Sometimes, it will happen after only a short period of time.
  • Being teleported to areas with no programmed ground and immediately falling to your death (The building from Violence District may be intentional, but being linked to the foreground in the Clockwork Machines seems to be a mistake). Sometimes the player will link further above or below the ground than usual, sometimes triggering a fall animation. Sometimes the player will fall after walking into a stream of water. (Usually near the ship where the creek begins, and reportedly near the waterfall)
  • The "Wall Glitch" allows the player to move through walls and anything else with collision. It entails lining yourself up parallel to the object, and repeatedly turning around using L2 or R2 (whichever brings you closer to the object) while moving forward. Collision isn't accounted for as it normally should be, and you're able to pass through the object. Some barriers such as the Natural World walls are much harder to pass through, although it may still be possible.
  • There are also several locations in which the player can escape the normal boundaries without this.
    • In the Violence District on the dock around Ghost Sailor if you go to the very end, turn around, walk, and turn right you can start to walk though the fence, you can start to walk around on the part of the map. Around 30 steps out you will fall and the dream will end. So far it has only been known to occur on pSX, and ePSXfn.
    • At the end of the Flesh Tunnels in the room with the congregation of Fetuses, lining yourself up to the left-most wall and walking backwards will allow you to go out of bounds.
  • The water in LSD is not supposed to flicker/flash, although this happens consistently in emulated versions of the game. It displays as intended in ePSXe 2.05 and Mednafen.