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The Dream Journal (also known by its actual name - "Lovely Sweet Dream") is a vivid representation of various nightmares and dreams which were used to partially inspire LSD: Dream Emulator. These nightmares/dreams happened in between 1970s, 1980s and 1990s by a Japanese writer named Hiroko Nishikawa. They were partially implemented by producer Osamu Sato in original LSD. The nature of these nightmares/dreams are extremely odd, and some even have outright uncovered sexual references. The Journal was never released outside of Japan, despite having complete English words in it, as it was a part of the Limited collection. Most of these consist of sexual references, and it gets weirder.

However, even though there are a lot of things that this journal has in relation to LSD: Dream Emulator, a lot of things still do not appear, either due to limitations or other reasons which are unknown.

Some of the dreams Nishikawa have had, actually appear to be nightmares rather then dreams, as they feature something gory and violent. Examples of such are:

  • "A Violent Town, a Headless Man"
  • "A Woman with Three Arms or Legs"
  • "Boiling Arms"


To view the journal's contents, click on any one of the images below. A lot of these nightmares/dreams have English translations to them. Many, though not all of the dreams were originated from English language, and not Japanese.

A PDF version of the book can be downloaded from here


  • If you stare at the man from the picture/page 16 (Man from top), then an optical illusion will occur in which the mouth of the same man, but smaller, will be reverted back to smile and back to frown, repeatedly.
  • Page/Picture 180 is not edited, and was scanned like this.
  • All of the Journal's pages are not faked to look like this, and are actually (and oddly enough), from 1998.