PSOGL2 063
Slow, Creeping Vehicles

There are several cars that can spawn around the Violence District. It is impossible to link with any them, as the player simply walks through them when this is attempted.


Several broken down cars can be seen underneath the streetlights. Some may spawn on top of each other.

When walking along the road towards the warehouses, a car may blare its horn, careen down the road and drive off the edge into the ocean. In other dreams, the car may just spawn and remain stationary, eventually driving down the road.

The same car can appear outside the warehouse in the exact spot where the Gunman can spawn (they can both spawn there at the same time). When approached, it will drive forwards and eventually disappear.


Due to their nature of leaping into the water, presumably killing the driver, this could be one of several references to suicide and death in this area.

Additionally, due to their tendency of being in close proximity to the Gunman, it is reasonable to conclude that it is his means of transport and/or his getaway car.

The damaged cars against the street lamps have an hole into the windshield: probably the driver has been shot by the Gunman while driving.

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