Bright Moon Cottage
PSOGL2 022
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Gray Man
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The Bright Moon Cottage (also called Shining Moon Apartment) is a traditional Japanese-style apartment complex where the player will always start the game. It consists of four floors along with a roof which can be accessed via stairs. The ground floor contains a bar and the building's entrance. The other three floors all contain rooms lined up along a hallway where some objects can be seen. The top floor also has a larger room with a bathroom door and a fireplace. Outside the building, a lawn with a tree can be seen in front of a tunnel leading to the Natural World.

Other InformationEdit

  • The player automatically walks up and down the stairs between floors, unless they walk backwards.
  • It is possible to run up and down the stairs.
  • The building can be seen in the Natural World from the far side of the walled area.
  • Looking down while facing the first window on the top floor can cause the Giant Head to appear. This is the starting position of a new game, and it always works then. 
  • An unused room is featured behind the WC door on the first floor. It appears to be the same size as the bathrooms featured in the 1997 Demo Movie
  • The "D" variant of Bright Moon Cottage's Music is corrupt, and does not play in the game. No music will play when this variant is selected.

Textures Edit

Original: classic yellow walls, wooden floor and green grass outside the building. Normal bar with bottles.

Kanji: everything gets pink or violet and covered with kanji. Grass will be blue with some letters.

Downer: red walls with blue lines and zigzags. Bloody floors and distorted colors. Grass outside the building is terribly colored, leaves of the tree will be changed into the eyeballs, bar will contain trophies and eyeballs too.

Sexual: terrible. Girls on the walls, mouths will cover all the floors. Sexual motive will be everywhere. Grass will be look like pictures of somebody, bar will contain unknown mess.


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