Here i am

    February 19, 2020 by GEOXGD

    Ok i finally added this blog. I don't know why. I still know nothing :/

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  • Jaden871


    November 19, 2019 by Jaden871

    One of the best games 😀😀😀😀😀😀😃

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    Im love this game!

    September 30, 2019 by GEOXGD

    I completed it and recompleting it again. Im found a lot of secrets, textures and now im searching for something new!

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  • Youasked


    January 6, 2019 by Youasked

    I just started playing lsd dream emulator and I love it.

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  • B57qGMcF

    I've ripped all textures as PNGs (with alpha) and all FMVs as lossless AVIs. I could do compressed video, but the noticable JPEG effect was annoying me. Even for 240p, the uncompressed videos make the folder about 5GB so far. And I haven't even gotten to the audio yet.

    Yes, I know, I know. There are multiple full dumps of these exact things online already. But you don't get the same feeling when you just download a RAR as you do digging out the files by hand. You feel more in control, I guess.

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  • Hylicks


    December 2, 2018 by Hylicks

    I am a relatively new face around here at the LSD Dream Emulator Wiki. I have edited many articles as “A Fandom User” ( and I hope you will find my assisstance helpful! I edit a lot, it may be annoying. Sometimes I do not edit things well, please just undo my edit if this is the case! I’m sure I’ll understand! Thank you for reading!

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  • Badcafe

    Hello! Just a bit ago I removed a large section from the Chart article, but in the edit summary I don't think I explained myself very well at all. I used the wrong word entirely, too. Sorry about that.

    I said that I removed the Speculation section because it was very wordy while containing almost nothing "substantiated". That doesn't really make sense, because by definition you wouldn't expect there to be anything fully substantiated in a Speculation section.

    What I meant is that there was barely anything empirical about it. Phrases like "linking repeatedly with trees seems to result in a static dream" are great, because it's something more people can confirm and look further into. Phrases like "downer possibly represents the player's subcon…

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  • Wahaller

    Random gripes with LSD

    June 23, 2018 by Wahaller

    This is a minor-criticism of the game of this Wiki. Anything that I got annoyed at while playing through will be added to the list. Don't get me wrong, I do love this game a whole lot, and the good things outweigh the bad things, but some personal negativity has to be released from time to time.

    I know a lot of fans love the weird and trippy textures that this game can offer, but I really just don't get it. I mean, sure it's weird and makes you question a lot of things, but it really doesn't feel dream-like at all in my opinion. I'm fine with the standard textures, and even the Kanji ones, but the downer and sexual textures are such an eyesore I just want to link to another place to stop my eyes from being harassed. The downer ones seem lik…

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  • NostosDreamEmulator

    In this experiment I will be testing to see if no movement in game during the dreams can result in a linear outcome, as well as discover what can happen during a playthrough with no input. I will be attempting this experiment on the playstation vita release of lsd.

    Variables that will be recorded for each day:




    -Length of Dream

    -Visable Sky, Moon or Fog

    -Visable Objects

    -Starting location (Picture)

    -Graph Spot (Picture)

    Lets Begin!

    Day - Location / Length / Music / Texture 

    Day 1 - Bright Moon Cottage / ~5:55 / Standard C / Normal

    Day 2 - Text Dream (Will upload soon)

    Day 3 - Bright Moon Cottage / ~5:56 / Cartoon C / Normal

    Day 4 - Bright Moon Cottage / ~5:37 / Electro C / Normal

    - I hear the astronaut

    Day 5 - Bright Moon Cottage /…

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  • Enso-tron

    So ... there was an info dump on the DreamEmulator discord about advanced glitching.

    I'm slowly working my way through it to massage it into an article for here.

    Can you imagine it?

    Consistent and repeatable glitching + access to other features hidden in the code - Amazing!

    So ... watch this space!

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  • Confuseme
    • Added support for ePSXe 2.0.5
    • Added partial support for XEBRA
    • Added Grayman detector
    • Adjusted map offset and scale (already outdated)

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  • Menderman

    LSD Dream Emulator MIDIs

    February 13, 2017 by Menderman

    Just in case anyone wanted them and didn't know do to convert them, and since the soundfont's out, here's the SEQ files from each map in the game as MIDIs:

    If you want reccomended soundfonts that aren't just the LSD Dream Emulator's soundfont, try 8-bit soundfonts. Personally, I think they sound awesome with 8-bit.

    NOTE: Some MIDIs have bad notes and I ca't fix that (at least not yet), and when you don't remove them they sound just fine.


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  • Badcafe

    Get your SoundFonts here!

    February 4, 2017 by Badcafe

    There didn't seem to be a working download for the LSD SoundFonts anywhere! I tried extracting them myself, failed, managed to get them from a now-nonexistant Twitter user (he knew too much, I guess), and made a little guide to using them.



    Shared Google Drive folder everything's in, if you don't want a direct download

    Enjoy :D

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  • Garcon-Tad


    January 21, 2017 by Garcon-Tad
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  • Kai Beckman

    my name is kai beckman, I'm a musician and a collector of physical music and also a fanatic of this game. took it upon myself to open up a pre-order for a batch of cassette tapes for the games soundtrack, since it is very very hard to obtain a physical copy of this game's soundtrack. I'm also considering doing CDs if anyone is interested. if any of you guys want one you can can pick one up here. just leaving it here just in case.

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  • ThisAccountWasCreated

    I'd like to get some sort of rough translation before adding, since even the audio is in Japanese

    Guide? (Includes merchandise ads, fan art, etc):

    Subtitles giving hints and facts:

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  • Linking System Device

    Wow, it's been almost two years since I last wrote a blog page. I feel kind of ashamed (v_v). Well it doesn't matter now; because what I've been doing will make up for it, at least partially ( I hope) ( / _ \). 

    So what is it ?

    It's a list of all the places and events of the world of LSD: Dream Emulator. However, this doesn't mean this will be just another simple dream journal. No. This time I wrote the coordinates for each thing. Meaning that if you want you can reach those in less than a second if you use the Trainer of Confuseme (to whom I say thanks for making all of this possible). Keep in mind that the list is largely incomplete. There a lot of things that still need to be discovered and recorded, but I think what I have now is not that bad. …

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  • RotalumE maerD DSL

    LSD Revamped

    March 3, 2016 by RotalumE maerD DSL

    So far LSD Revamped had changed my expectations, at first I thought it was going to be bad, and I thought there was not a reason for it but I was wrong. I am looking forward for the next release which I predict should be released in the summer.

    I will be making alot of videos of gameplay with lsdr and compare it to the original game.

    And I said in the past that I was going to be makinging a network for lsd but I changed it from just a place to store resources, and for my own personal use aswell.

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  • Timothy Barron86


    December 2, 2015 by Timothy Barron86

    Hi All! (which i know is most likely no one, aint non sequiturs fun?) I'm working on a new article concerning the faces and head as depicted in the game. As i have said before i say again... its gonnna be trippppppy. So what qualifies me to write such articles? three people, me, myself, and i. Which trust me is not as cocky as it sounds.... fine, yes it is.

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  • Timothy Barron86

    Do you know the Terror of one who dreams? From the top of his head to the bottom of his feet he is terrified... as the ground gives way and the dream begins.

    F. Nietzsche

    I feel like im lost in a world of animals and flowers, created with a ‘Macintosh’

    LSD Dream Emulator PSX.; Dream Journal

    I awakened just at dawn from a pageant of horrible dreams, my ears ringing as from some Metallic peal.

    The nameless city; HP Lovecraft

    Welcome to my board! in the future I will post many 'analysis' of this 'dream' emulator in an attempt to figure this thing out... using philosophy, psychology, theology and various other means. Its gonna trippy! Enjoy!  

    The Gray Man;

    Fear. of all that is unknown, the dark and the sinister. within the emu lies nothing new: consi…

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  • MeganeEarthmate

    Busy With School

    January 23, 2015 by MeganeEarthmate

    Just wanted to mention that I've been busy with school, but I'm slowly getting back into the groove of playing lots of games again! Hopefully I'll be able to update soon.

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  • Linking System Device

    After a long period of inactivity, I've finally decided to write blog posts again. But this time it will be about walkflying and the discoveries made using the trainer  created by Confuseme . Oh, and the other series I started about all the days I played on LSD Dream Emulator will be discontinued since I don't feel like continuing it. IMPORTANT NOTE: everything written in this guide is based on my personal experience.

    First off, let me introduce the basics of walkflying. I assume that you've played with the trainer a bit, so I may leave something out. Allow me to start from some definition you'll find in this guide :

    Walkflying in this guide means walking at any Z coordinate different from zero.

    Teleporting in this guide means the act of changin…

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  • MeganeEarthmate


    December 30, 2014 by MeganeEarthmate

    So uh. I spawned in the Moonlight Tower/Stairway that lasts way too long, touched a fence pole at the top, and spawned in the Pit & Temple. While running to the other side, the dream faded to black, and ended. I didn't fall or see Gray McTerrifying, and my textures were normal. Any idea on why this sort of stuff happens?

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  • MeganeEarthmate


    December 25, 2014 by MeganeEarthmate

    I've seen all the textures, but I've noticed something... Sometimes, even without a meeting with the Gray Butthole, I'll still suddenly have all the textures reset.... and it takes the usual amount of time to regain them. Does this happen to anyone else?

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  • Throws-Many-Darts

    Hello dear reader. This is my log, which I will be cramming full of information about each night I spend in LSD about things I find.

    I am aware someone else has done this but they began from Day 85 and have no set rules as to how their entries are written. This is different.

    Starting from Day 001, I will be logging major events and actions that I take and recording them in pictures as well as locations, minor things like the color of the fog or transition color, and texture. I will always have a screenshot of the chart entry for that day.

    The purpose of this log is to record the events of a year of gameplay. Through careful observation of the events and details we may be able to understand more about the correllations of things like transitio…

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  • JadeRifter-fduser

    LSD Remake

    December 21, 2014 by JadeRifter-fduser

    Here I will take notes and show comparisons of LSDR.

    Original game on the left.

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  • JadeRifter-fduser

    Chart Notes

    December 16, 2014 by JadeRifter-fduser

    Here I will take notes on the various things that influence the chart rating.

    This section contains notes on how objects/events affect the chart rating.

    will give this rating]]
    (looking down at it) will give this rating]]

    This section contains information on spawn points. The chart rating will determine where the player starts the dream.

    as shown below]] Read more >
  • RotalumE maerD DSL

    There is four days until LSD Revamped is going to be released so, I thought I should write about my opinion on the game. 

    I can say for a fact, that I am looking forward for it to be released; In fact, I monitor the blog that he is posting the game on. But what I think is that, I am happy to hear that someone is taking pride in making a remake of LSD but, the way that the game is being made I am honistly not looking forward. The fact is that there will be modding, and gameplay changes.

    I am not saying this is bad, but if you are going to make a "Remake" of a game, then, you would think that it would follow that hard facts of the game, and let you play it like you are playing the original, but so far what I am expecting is a highly fan-made "…

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  • MeganeEarthmate

    More Chart Notes

    December 16, 2014 by MeganeEarthmate

    Day 82: spawned in Bright Moon Cottage. Linked with Dying Woman's Empty bed (which always leads to Black Space) and then just waited for the dream to end in Black space.

    Day 83: Started in Natural World again, went used window to reach Black Space nand waited for the dream to end there.

    Day 84: clip

    Day 85: spawned in BMC. Linked to Pit with wall. Waited there.

    That's all I'll do for now!

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  • MeganeEarthmate

    Chart Science

    December 16, 2014 by MeganeEarthmate

    So thanks to @1CJB we have some stubstantial chart locations! Kinda!

    I'll jot notes down here:

    • Day 80: Spawned in The Natural World. Ran of cliff. Landed one square above the lower left red square (the one closest to the center).
    • Day 82: Got text dream.
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  • MeganeEarthmate


    December 15, 2014 by MeganeEarthmate

    So I got this thing:

    And then I went through a ton of clips. So that was fun. Here were some cool screenshots I took of cool things I saw while exploring! Finally got to see old granny lady. Plus we have The Gray Man in Ancestral Texture Happy Town:

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  • MeganeEarthmate

    I'm about to start day 64. I just got another clip, one I haven't seen before.

    This is my graph:

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  • MeganeEarthmate

    Just wanted to make a quick post on where I'm at in the game. I'm not very knowledgeable on it, and have ony had it for... 2 days now! But I figured I'd let you all know. I'll update it as I continue on.

    I'm on day 55.

    I've seen 4 different clips, and the pidgeon one twice.

    I've seen all textures, and usually I see them quite often too.

    I have not seen all the areas in all the textures, though.

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  • MeganeEarthmate

    Okay, so let's talk about this. I've had issues with Mr. Grayman, with him teleporting, looking weird, and just in general being really unreasonable when I try to talk it out (which is usually me cursing at my laptop). But do you see what's wrong here?

    Look inside the building straight ahead.

    I know it's blurry, but do you see what's there?



    I'm not sure if this is a glitch or not, and I haven't been hacking my game... has this happened to anyone else?

    Edit: One of them may be the gunman, but neither of them looked like it and they were both chasing me. Maybe it's a glich where the gunman has the properties and actions of the Gray Man?

    Another Edit: Confirmed gunman. No need to…

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  • Confuseme

    The entire MuscleTrainer C# source code has become public on GitHub!

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  • EasternIsland91

    Hi there! Sorry for being inactive but I had loads of other things to deal with and I lost my LSD save file when my USB snapped! But that is not the point. Using an emulator called NO$PSX which is great! I stumbled upon a feature in it yesterday that looked like gibberish until I recognized it as MIPS R3000 assembly language! Since I know some MIPS R3000 assembly language and Intel assembly language, I could convert this into notes detailing what the CPU does during the game. This would greatly help in reverse-engineering the game as it would allow us to reverse-engineer the level format. Since I can only work on this at weekends and nights, this will be very slow. I will get it done eventually though.

    Nerdy is my middle name. (talk) 17:06,…

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  • DragonTamerMCT

    Objections? The other one is dead anyway. Better to not split the small english community. Of course I'd ask them to make this (the far nicer and more active of the two) the final wiki.

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  • EasternIsland91

    "Also any additional research into replacing the videos or music and we will have an even sexier party for some fan modding." After reading that, I immediately started to search for things like "PlayStation 1 .SEQ specification". I am trying to build a MIDI to SEQ converter for LSD in C++. I know the basic .SEQ specs like pQES at the start of the file but I don't know what NoteOn, NoteOff etc. is in .SEQ format. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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  • The1177

    Developing process

    July 1, 2014 by The1177


    It's been almost a year since I started working on a "new version" of LSD; Dream emulator. Sadly, I had a lot of personal issues that completly stopped my work, and most of the progress I made has been lost. (Engine progress, models, textures...) It wasn't that much work done, but still I'm starting from scratch again.

    On the good news, I'm decided to make this happen. I'm investing 100% of my free time on this, hopefully I will archieve a complete working game on a soon future.

    At the moment, I have no plans in charging for the game. Mainly because it's a personal project rather than a profesional grade game. I'm using free versions of developing tools, and I'm not spending money at all. (Maybe $10 worth on coffee... but that's not on…

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  • CPCGamer

    Hey everyone. I go by CPCGamer and I do Let's Play videos (frankly, doesn't everyone at this point?)

    Generally I play whatever dumb junk I feel like playing, but between each project I record three or six episodes of LSD and use them as a stop gap. I'm currently at 42 episodes with six more waiting in the wings.

    I talk a lot about the technical side of the game; why it does what it does, what the various things mean, how to make various effects spawn and so on. But what makes my videos stand out is that I've translated all the text dreams and you get to see, in English, what those bizarre pages of moonrunes actually say.

    Check it out! Or not.

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  • Linking System Device

    Day 262

    August 7, 2013 by Linking System Device

    Day 262

    • Spawn: DOJO; normal.
    • Rating: 3 UP; inner, face.
    • Gray man: Yes; 3 times; no touching.
    • END: Death.
    • Links: 5 WH; 3 BLU.
    • Locations: 3 NW / 2 KYOTO / DOJO / 2 HT / SB.
    • Textures: 5 evil / 2 kanji / 2 normal.
    • Day's History.
    Spawn -> WH -> KYOTO, kanji -> WH -> HT, evil -> BLU -> NW, evil -> WH -> HT, evil -> BLU -> SB, normal ->  -> BLU -> NW, evil -> WH -> KYOTO, kanji -> WH -> NW, evil -> END, black.
    • Day's notes.
    Starting from this day on, I've made the format shorter. Hope you like it. Explaination page coming soon.
    • Original notes.
    I think that some strange stuff is going to happen...
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  • Linking System Device

    Day 261

    August 6, 2013 by Linking System Device

    Day 261

    • Spawn: KYOTO; normal.
    • Rating: 1 UP, 2 DYNC; inner, face.
    • Gray man: No.
    • Death: No.
    • Links: 7 WH; 1 GT.
    • Fake place: No.
    • M clip: No.
    • m clip: No.
    • Locations: 3 NW / 2 KYOTO / 2 DOJO / HT / EC.
    • Textures: 3 kanji / 4 normal / 2 evil.
    • Day's History.
    Spawn -> WH -> NW, normal -> WH -> KYOTO, kanji -> GT -> DOJO, normal -> WH -> HT, kanji -> WH ->     -> NW, kanji -> WH -> DOJO, normal -> WH -> EC, evil -> WH -> NW, evil -> End (flash colour unsigned)
    • Day's Notes.
    I've updated the format of my blogposts... expect a Blog post that explains everything soon... As for now, do you like this format ?
    • Original Notes.
    When I arrived at the end of the EC, I was "bumped" backwards.
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  • The1177

    First entry of the blog.

    A little background for this; I want to make a game like LSD: dream emulator... but "updated" or "fresh" if you want to call it like that. I am studying computer stuff, but it's not enought to develop a game in one day. Actually, I might never finish it. (Hopefully, I will finish it). My personal life is a complete mess, but obviously you didn't came here to read me crying about life, so... well. Where was I ?

    Oh yeah. Well. I think that if I keep a record of what I'm doing, maybe that will motivate me to continue.So here I am !

    -Here I start to talk about the real developing;

    I am working on the main game engine. Of course I am not programming it, you silly ! I'm looking for one. At the moment, I am working on "Unity …

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  • ACGuy


    April 28, 2013 by ACGuy

    I've been lurking through this wiki for a time, and boy!, it really needs templates. I mean, for example, in the character pages, the box could be made a template, instead of copy-pasting the code in every character page. Aside from that, we could use a NavBox for pages that are in the same category, a Navbox for characters, another one for objects, places, etc.
    What do you say?
    --Call the schoolmaster! 11:23, April 28, 2013 (UTC)

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  • Linking System Device

    Day 260

    April 18, 2013 by Linking System Device

    Day 260.

    Spawn: BMC; kanji.

    Rating: 3 STAT, 1 UP; inner, face.

    Gray man: No.

    Death: No.

    Links: 3 WH; 1 GT.

    Fake place: No.

    M clip: No.

    m clip: No.

    Locations: P&T / 2, BMC / FT / NW

    Textures: kanji, 4 / normal.

    Day's history.

    WH; P&T, kanji -> GT; FT, kanji -> WH; BMC, normal -> WH; NW, kanji -> RED; END.

    Day's notes.

    Um, too many short dreams recently, all ending with a red flash; meaning ? BOH !

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  • DragonTamerMCT

    Wiki Adoption

    March 30, 2013 by DragonTamerMCT

    Our admin has been dead(inactive) for quite a while now (2 years? june 2011 if I remember correctly), and we lack the ability to make certain edits, delete pages(to my knowledge) etc. A new admin would be useful, and I myself have tried to go through the wikia adoption process(basically become the new admin, and as far as I know, no one besides myself has attempted this) But, and I quote "there actually seems to be quite a few contributors on the wiki recently. Please start a community discussion about adopting the wiki to provide new leadership (a blog is fine)" So here I am, doing as I have been told.

    Now I'm not really sure what the point is here of making this (I would guess to make sure the majority of active users don't hate me) But h…

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  • ArsonistMonkey

    Hello Everyone

    February 12, 2013 by ArsonistMonkey

    I just wanted to tell you that I have just created the LSD Dream Emulator Fan Wiki. Come there and share your dreams and creations. [Dream Emulator Fanon Wiki]

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  • Linking System Device

    Day 259

    December 31, 2012 by Linking System Device

    Day 259

    Spawn: N/A

    Rating: N/A

    Gray Man: N/A

    Death: N/A

    Links: N/A

    Fake place: N/A

    M clip: N/A

    m clip: N/A

    Locations: N/A

    Textures: N/A

    Day's history


    Day's notes


    This was a poem dream, one of those dreams where you can't do anything but watch a "poem" written in Japanese.

    Original notes

    I'd appreciate poem dreams if I could understand Japanese.

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  • Linking System Device

    Day 258

    December 26, 2012 by Linking System Device

    Day 258

    Spawn: M月P; kanji

    Rating: 2 DYNC; inner, face

    Gray Man: No

    Death: No

    Links: 2 WH

    Fake Place: No

    M clip: No

    m clip: No

    Locations: KYO / DOJO / M月P

    Textures: kanji / normal

    Day's history

    WH; KYO, normal -> WH; DOJO, normal -> RED; END

    Day's notes

    This M月P makes dreams short, but I don't know why.

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  • Linking System Device

    Day 257

    December 26, 2012 by Linking System Device

    Day 257

    Spawn: BMC; normal

    Rating: 1 UP; inner, face

    Gray Man: No

    Death: No

    Links: 2 BLA; 5 WH; 1 GT

    Fake Place: No

    M clip: No

    m clip: No

    Locations: 2,HT / NW / VD / KYO / P&T / SB / BMC

    Textures: kanji,2 / normal,5 / happy,1

    Day's history

    BLA; HT, kanji -> BLA; VD, normal -> WH; KYO, normal -> WH; NW, normal -> WH; P&T, normal ->

    -> GT; NW, normal -> WH; HT, normal -> WH; SB, kanji -> WH; END

    Day's notes

    There's a high chance that the benches in HT near the Ferris wheel always link to the SB.

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