LSD: Dream Emulator is a Japanese video game based on a dream journal written by Hiroko Nishikawa, a staff member at OutSide Directors' Company. This dream journal was originally titled "Beautiful Dream Journey".  The game does not feature a linear story. 

Both the journal and the game document vivid, odd dreams over the course of a single year, although there are very few direct similarities.

Both the journal and the game take place in similar settings such as a "creepy, empty town" and a "circus with many connected tents".

Some of the white text on the black screen is said to reference "Not having a dream that night", or dreams being "Too horrifying to recount". These are frequent entries in the journal.

After exploring for many in-game days, players may find a meaning of the game. Although, much remains unknown.

The game features many quests you can complete. The experience is unique to each player. Only you can choose how to complete all 365 days of game.

You can guide your character to find new areas and interesting objects. You must explore the world and build your storyline. Your way to complete the current day can make the next one very different.

If you find interesting and strange encounters, you may also take photos and post them here.

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